Panel Burnout

There will come a day when you don’t want to panel anymore. And that’s okay.

I can name at least a handful of panels I use to do for about 3 years, before running out of fumes. Here’s what I do when I feel the burnout coming.

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Underated Anime You Should Be Watching – Summer 2018 Anime

Yeah, yeah, my Hero Academia and Boruto are eating up most of your Shounen energy these days. But, let’s not forget about the sleeper hits that might be the next big thing in 2019.

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It Was Bad: How to Recover From a Bad Panel Presentation

We all have them at some point during our Convention Crawling.

Someone didn’t spend enough time putting together their panel for the big day or parts of an otherwise, would-be-great panel fell through the night of.

But! You should know that recovering from such a blunder is not too late!

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Blerd: My New Favorite Word

My journey to nerddom started when I first opened up a Sega Genesis in December of 1995. Or maybe ’98, I’m not too clear on that.

But, I do remember playing for hours with my siblings watching the cutscenes and frantically cheering me on with each mission. One game, in particular, had my Father set all three of us down for a talk about reality versus pixelated violence.

“You can’t hit ‘restart’ after snatching someone’s spin out. Respect each other and don’t hit anyone like you do in this game.”, he said.

Then he handed me a copy of Mortal Kombat.

After that, my brother and I continued our gaming days well into the present. I’ve had a Dreamcast, two Gameboy, a Gameboy DS, a vita (still), PS3 and now a PS4. My brother has since jumped on the Xbox train and is slowly moving towards PC gaming. At one point, a couple of rounds of Halo gaming online sparked my curiously enough to search for professionals gaming tournaments. I didn’t know it at the time, but after showing my brother a few eSports shows, he would go on to become a Pro Gamer himself for a good chunk of our High School years.

My younger sister played for a while but moved on to other things. But, we still share a different strain of geeky things.

I continued to seek out other hobbies that still dot my living room and bedroom walls to this day. Comics, books, games, costumes, props, fabrics, and more; The mark of a crafter or a hoarder on the edge of starting a garage sale…again.

I’m used to being on the cusp of change as an ’89 birther. Not quite an 80s baby, but just starting the new year trend.

Change is inevitable in every generation, but some things stay the same.

Now and days, I look back at my community of geeks, nerds, and misfits with a sort of admiration for how far we’ve all come. I can finally say, “Back in my day” without a hint of bittersweetness, but a fond reminder of what it used to be like.

This new word for someone like me, at first, strummed a rough cord in my heart.

Blerd – n./ The combination of black and nerd. A person that is of color and a nerd of a specific or multiple fandoms.

I wasn’t turned off by it, because it said, ” I’m black and I’m a nerd”.

I was worried by the message it was sending. Maybe that line of thinking had something to with my parents. I recall hearing some variation of this, every now and then from them, ” You’re a unique child with unique interest, but be careful of what message you may be giving others.”

Be unique, but not like that.

I’m older now, the world has changed again since those days.

I haven’t stopped being myself, but I have learned to be wary of when to let that co-worker know that I, too, read manga online. Or that I dress up any time of the month besides October because I can and its fun for me.

I still dress louder than I speak and it’s okay to not care what others think. I still have my work clothes for the office. I even made sure to shine and store my “normal” shoes just so.

If change is a constant thing while you go through the stages of life, then I, too, am in constant flux.

So, why not start with a word that reflects that.

A word that is just as sweet to be and powerful enough to invoke others to blaze a trail of fandom with all the feeling of unity, beyond the skin.

Now, I hear it daily even from those of the other color spectrum joining in on the fun.

I’m looking forward to what the next year holds for me and those following in the footsteps of other beginners in the nerdy, geeky community.

So, I am now and forever, a Blerd.

Panelist 101 Series: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Panelist 101.

Panelist 101: Part 2, Check Your Work

If you read through Part 1 here, then you already narrowed down what your panel will be content wise. Now, let’s  start to make it uniquely, you.

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Panelist 101 Series: Part 1


Panelist 101: Part 1, Forge Thy Panel

If you’re like the average con crawler, I’m assuming you are if you found this blog, you probably have entertained the idea of becoming a panelist.

May be you saw a Character Q&A panel and thought, ” I could totally do this better”.

Or was it that one “How to jumpstart your Career” panel that peeked your interest?

Then let me tell you now, planning is half the battle. Actually pulling off a great panel or workshop, is a whole other animal. I would love to show you how to tackle this in a 3 part post of Panelist 101 series.

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New Year, Same Grind


As much as I would love to say, “This Year I am going to be different for me.” It won’t be in some ways, but in other aspects it will.

Instead of making a list of resolutions for dearest 2017, I’m doing a mini “Get It Done” list.

It goes something like this…

1. Make time to write again.

As a fledgling script writer, I need to hone my skills on the daily to get anything creatively moving on paper. It doesn’t have to make sense or be an actual 3 minute skit.

Just a little bullet writing of things that could be or I would like to see off the cuff later.

Gotta start earning those credits to my IMDb page, besides short films.

2.  Going to bed early and on time.

This especially with my new job taking a toll on my sleep patterns during the week. I have to get back on track if I’m going to make this work for a year.

I’m beginning to make some connects in freelance videography and that is where I plan to be, hopefully, by 2018.

3. Make and publish videos for my channel.

I finally have the time, energy and part of my equipment to this. Now, all I need is to make a schedule and stick with it.

Not to mention, creating original content that’s not a rehashing of someone else’s work.

4. Consistently blog and vlog crafts, events, and such things.

Now that I have time to really enjoy being social again, I should really…Really, try to keep you guys in the loop of such things.

May be even go into panel creation and how I go about coordinating events with local charities.

I’m a lot more interesting to see than I let on.

2017, the Hell Yeah! Year.